Joanne continues to be a CKC Registered Golden Retriever Breeder. Our Dogs are tested for Hip dysplasia, elbows, eye tests, Thyroid tests and heart is checked and approved by a cardiologist. These tests are important to have done prior to breeding to help reduce the likelihood that your puppy gets one of these problems which are frequently due to the genetics of their parents. I am so confident with my puppies health I offer a 3-year guarantee that your puppy with be free of hereditary diseases.

My dogs are my pets. They are happy and love living where they are free to run and play and do not live in kennels. My dogs are also not related. The parents are from different lines and all live on site.

We breed CKC registered Golden Retrievers.  Our dogs are breed for good health and temperament.

Crosby is our Male who came from Pittsburgh. He received his CKC championship and has passed all of his OFA certification testing. (Eyes, Heart, Thyroid, Hips, and Elbows).

Ruaridth, one of our girls came from Scotland. Born in July 2017. She is definitely from field training stock. She loves the outdoors and is quite athletic. I did not show Ruaridth. She has passed all of the OFA certifications for Eyes, Thyroid, Heart, Hips and Elbows.

Reba, Is from Michigan, born in May 2017. She is a lovely girl. Sweet and gentle. She loves her run and absolutely loves being a Mom.

Lucy & Orla were both born in April 2020. They are confident beautiful girls. Lucy lives on site and Orla lives in her permnament home with Olivia and her family. Both girls will be future momma’s if OFA testing is passed.

Kelly & Odin and brother and sister. They came from Michigan and are not related to Reba. Both were born in July 2020. Kelly lives with us and Odin lives in his permanent home with Kara and Colin. Both will be part of our breeding program if they pass their OFA certification.