Our Story


In 2004 a neighbour asked me to take care of their dog. It was fun and a few people heard about that and started asking me to care for theirs. By 2005 it was getting busy and I founded Roaming Rovers in July 2005. Over the years we learned a lot and grew. We have experience with all breeds and behaviours. We have proudly served 3500 dog clients. No, not at once!! We have always hiked off leash. Most of us who own dogs also enjoy nature walks together.

In 2019, we closed our boarding and daycare because,as the sole owner for 15 years, I found it a lot of responsibility. That closure didn’t last long. Two former employees, who had worked here for 4 years, approached me and we are now co-owners of Roaming Rovers.


We created a new identity in January 2020. We are excited to be back! We made a few changes that we believe will make us better than ever. Our hours are more focused now - covering our most demanding times daily. We did this because when people were coming and going everyday, the times frequently changed which in turn made it difficult for us to get things done with the dogs. Dropoffs often result in a 30 min chat and take away from the care of the dogs. We can now plan hikes around the weather and do multiple hikes more frequently. We also have individual training with dogs and these sessions no longer get uninterrupted.


We will continue to cater to all dogs needs. Dogs who don't do well with other dogs can stay in our enclosed runs in the air conditioned and heated garage. The garage has a 13 x 20 fenced-in turfed run off of it.

Our main boarding area is also air conditioned and heated. We are very unique and have a setup that allows us to provide different care for different needs. Open concept in dog daycares shows lots of space but requires dogs to be able to handle that at all times. Instead we have chosen to section off our areas. Our Rec room has couches, a wood stove and dog beds where dogs can lounge and cuddle with staff. They can sleep loose in this room at night.

Our larger area has room to play and crates for dogs who need to sleep in them at night. We have an office area with a couch where we greet people during drop off and pickup times. The office area doubles as a sleeping loose area at night and when we are closed.

We have a puppy room that - when we aren't having puppy's - we put dog beds in and a few dogs can sleep there together. Our garage is used for dogs who need to be separated from other dogs and dogs who bark a lot, making sleeping difficult for us people and dogs boarding.

We have two outside runs. One is 48ft x 9 ft covered and turfed run. The run on the back is 60 ft. x 20 ft and includes artificial turf and agility equipment.

Fun and Safety

We always have staff onsite at night and our site is also the home of one of the owners. We may be out for the evening though! We have Nest smoke detectors that connect to our phones in case there was ever an issue with smoke, fire or carbon dioxide.

We run dogs off leash daily to burn off energy, and ensure the dogs don't get bored. If your dog is not good off leash they will not go on these hikes. If they are though, they will really love it here! Dogs who come here are frequently "dirty" from playing in mud and running through the woods. It's a dogs life after all! We are happy to enjoy it with them!



Joanne continues to be a CKC Registered Golden Retriever Breeder. Our Dogs are tested for Hip dysplasia, elbows, eye tests, Thyroid tests and heart is checked and approved by a cardiologist. These tests are important to have done prior to breeding to help reduce the likelihood that your puppy gets one of these problems which are frequently due to the genetics of their parents. I am so confident with my puppies health I offer a 3-year guarantee that your puppy with be free of hereditary diseases.

My dogs are my pets. They are happy and love living where they are free to run and play and do not live in kennels. My dogs are also not related. The parents are from different lines and all live on site.

We breed CKC registered Golden Retrievers.  Our dogs are breed for good health and temperament. Crosby is our Male who came from Pittsburgh. He received his CKC championship and has passed all of his OFA certification testing. (Eyes, Heart, Thyroid, Hips, and Elbows). Ruaridth, one of our girls came from Scotland. She is definitely from field training stock. She loves the outdoors and is quite athletic. I did not show Ruaridth. She has passed all of the OFA certifications for Eyes, Thyroid, Heart, Hips and Elbows.  


Phone: 902-497-5191

265 Holland Road

Fletchers Lake, NS

B2T 1A1

Email: info@roamingrovers.ca