Our Story


Roaming Rovers has been in operation since 2005. Joanne has a pure love of dogs and has competed in flyball agility and shows her Goldens at CKC events.
She managed homes for special care for 23 years, and with that understands the need for individual care not just for humans but for our dogs as well.
From puppies to older dogs, happy dogs to dogs who don’t quite trust others. We are here to care for them.


We will continue to cater to all dogs needs. Dogs who don’t do well with other dogs can stay in our enclosed runs in the air conditioned and heated garage. The garage has a 13 x 20 fenced-in turfed run off of it.

Our main boarding area is also air conditioned and heated. We are very unique and have a setup that allows us to provide different care for different needs. Open concept in dog daycares shows lots of space but requires dogs to be able to handle that at all times. Instead we have chosen to section off our areas. Our Rec room has couches, a wood stove and dog beds where dogs can lounge and cuddle with staff. They can sleep loose in this room at night.

Our larger area has room to play and crates for dogs who need to sleep in them at night. We have an office area with a couch where we greet people during drop off and pickup times. The office area doubles as a sleeping loose area at night and when we are closed.

We have a puppy room that – when we aren’t having puppy’s – we put dog beds in and a few dogs can sleep there together. Our garage is used for dogs who need to be separated from other dogs and dogs who bark a lot, making sleeping difficult for us people and dogs boarding.

We have two outside runs. One is 48ft x 9 ft covered and turfed run. The run on the back is 60 ft. x 20 ft and includes artificial turf and agility equipment.

Fun and Safety

We always have staff onsite at night and our site is also the home of the owner. We may be out for the evening though! We have Nest smoke detectors that connect to our phones in case there was ever an issue with smoke, fire or carbon dioxide.

We run dogs off leash daily to burn off energy, and ensure the dogs don’t get bored. If your dog is not good off leash they will not go on these hikes. If they are though, they will really love it here! Dogs who come here are frequently “dirty” from playing in mud and running through the woods. It’s a dogs life after all! We are happy to enjoy it with them!